Parking App

Web Design + Mobile App

  • Streamlined iOS application allowing drivers to find and reserve nearby parking spots.
  • Dashboards providing a at-a-glance view of the business for owners.
  • Quick and easy and payments and credit card entry with Stripe and

When presented with DrayTrippr's vision of allowing unused parking spots to be rented to eager drivers, our team was excited to build it into reality. After doing market research, we began by implementing a curated iOS experience for drivers coupled with a web application for owners.

The iOS application allows drivers to quickly choose a suitable spot near them and complete payment, without having to mess with coins or paper receipts. When time expires, drivers are also able to extend it without having to return to their vehicle.

We built a portal for owners to enter details about their parking spots, including their price, details, and hourly availability. From there owners can refer to their customized dashboard which provides them a single view of their properties and income.

In order to reduce customer sign-up friction, we utilize Stripe and To assist with marketing and viral growth, we added a coupon system, and customizable email alerts to engage and inform customers. Data access for the app is supported by a JSON API built using Ruby on Rails.

Parking is set for a 2013 launch.

Key Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, iOS 6.0 SDK, Stripe,, Apple Maps SDK, Amazon S3

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