Humans Vs. Aliens

Mobile App

  • Google Play Editor’s Choice, Amazon Free App of the Day, BlackBerry App World Featured Game, and an OpenFeint Top Pick.
  • Shared codebase for Android and BlackBerry using in-house cross-platform framework.
  • Meticulously balanced game-play, detailed imagery and sounds, and a fully customizable level designer.

Humans vs. Aliens challenged our team by setting out to build a balanced and exciting tower defense game on Android and BlackBerry. While keeping a cross-platform solution in mind, we began Humans vs. Aliens on BlackBerry, and authored a cross-platform framework to assist our port to Android.

With a graphic design challenge to visualize our ideas, we sourced an offshore team to get started quickly, and produce hundreds of hand-drawn assets and animated sprites. We contracted a local sound designer to create a score and sound effects to complement the fast-paced game-play.

Level design proved to be one of the biggest challenges in building Humans vs. Aliens, and we spent much time meticulously attempting to balance game-play in order to allow casual players to progress, while awarding die-hard fans with more dynamic challenges. No two games ever play the same, yet with our algorithmic approach, difficulty of each level remains unchanged.

With our move to Android, we chose to include OpenFeint functionality to allow players to track their top scores with their friends, as well as compare achievements in the game. For our die-hard fans, we released a free-to-use custom level designer, enabling players to design their own fully customizable levels to share with the world.

Since release, Humans vs. Aliens has been featured as an Editor’s Pick by the Google Play Market, an Amazon Free App of the Day, featured in the BlackBerry App World repeatedly, and has been selected as an OpenFeint Top Pick.

Key Technologies Used: BlackBerry SDK, Android 2.3 SDK, In-house cross-platform framework, OpenFeint

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