Epic Apps

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  • Award-winning BlackBerry developer of over 25 titles.
  • Pushed the boundaries of the BlackBerry platform, and recognized by Research in Motion for outstanding work.
  • Voted Best Game of the Year and nominated for Best Developer of the Year by the largest BlackBerry community site.
  • Sold over 150,000 paid apps, and authored 3 of the top 7 apps in the BlackBerry App World at one point.

Epic Applications, now part of Real Casual Studios, was a premier BlackBerry developer from 2008-2011. With over 25 titles, Epic Application’s apps were a staple of the App World Top 25 and Featured lists. At one point, 3 of the top 7 paid apps were sold by Epic Applications.

They began by offering highly customizable utilities, like the award winning and top selling Call Blocker Professional. This was followed by the #1 top paid game Druglord Wars, and top-rated games Humans vs. Aliens and Word Farm.

Epic Applications pushed the limits of the BlackBerry platform, creating the top lock screen replacement Ultimate Lock, which integrated nearly every communications app along with custom weather and imagery on a fully customizable lock screen. In the same vein, Peep It! was the first app allowing users to view their BBM messages without sending read receipts. Home to Phone allowed users to send links back and forth between their desktop instantly, in an era before simple shared bookmark services.

When starting out before the current SaaS options, Epic Applications wrote and managed its own licensing and analytics platform, as well as a customer support portal. This enabled Epic Applications to properly handle support requests, and gather market data to improve future products.

Key Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, BlackBerry SDK, Push Notifications

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