Best of Draw Something

Web Design + Mobile App

  • Leading Draw Something fan site with over 54,000 drawings submitted by over 9,000 registered users.
  • Top Google ranking for nearly every Draw Something-related search.
  • Over 14,000,000 web page views and 600,000 user ratings.
  • Most complete solver for Draw Something--with all words from all languages, with OCR from iOS.
  • Native iOS app with the ability to browse the latest drawings, search, rate, upload drawings and a freemium solver.

Draw Something blew up in popularity, with millions of users drawing billions of drawings with their friends. Over time, some of the best artwork drawn inside the game began to surface online. We set out to become the repository of all of the world's best Draw Something drawings. To date, we remain the largest, most visited Draw Something fan site, and maintain a top ranked iOS application.

Best of Draw Something began as a simple WordPress site, where we worked tirelessly to focus on search engine optimization to drive traffic. This strategy paid off by attracting strong traffic and a large influx of user submitted drawings. This prompted us to think bigger, and we decided to build a custom Rails application to handle uploads in an automated way, as well as offer more flexibility for mobile clients, administration and analytics.

In order to allow iOS users to easily upload files in iOS 5, we built a native app with upload support. To drive download of the apps, we included slick browsing, searching and rating functionality. Using our solver backend, we were able to include solving functionality using custom OCR technology to automatically detect letters rather than require users to enter them.

Key Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, iOS 5.0 SDK, Amazon Web Services, Heroku, custom OCR, StoreKit for in-app purchases

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